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I love training and I love the sun. But I can't say that I enjoy doing both of these activities at the same time!

My Story

My interest in fitness came about after I had my second child. I was overwhelmed with tiredness, eating like I was still pregnant and became utterly unhappy with what I saw in the mirror. I booked myself in with a personal trainer to learn weight training and fell in love with how it transformed me mentally and physically. And I've been a gym girl ever since!

Going to the gym has since been my mode of discipline that enables me to calibrate my mind for the day ahead. 
I believe we start off going to the gym to look after our bodies but with consistency we will strengthen our bodies as well as our minds to be a better version of ourselves one day at a time.

And whatever your fitness goals may be, I’m here to help support and push you on that journey. Here at UNDIVDED.

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