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Fitness for all Ages

Undvd Kids
Boy in Gym Class

Undivided for Kids & Mums

Welcome to UNDIVIDED Play. Here we believe fitness and a healthy lifestyle is for everyone. It's never too early to start to nurture yourself, trying to achieve a better you.


After Yoga Class

Prepping your mind and body for your next chapter with strength training of your wrists, forearms, shoulders and upper back to ensure you can always pick up your baby with no pain!


Drinking Water After Weight Training

Learning to re-engage your core muscles, talk freely about DR, recognise incontinence is normal but we will get you strong and fit again and to go back to running, jumping without feeling like you are going to pee.

Staying Fit

Get a workout in with your baby! Enjoy some skin to skin contact with your little one while getting strong by using your baby as natural weight during the class. Suitable for babies who are able to support their neck. Recommended age: 3 months onwards. 

Child Activity

Improve your toddler's motor skills, spatial awareness, through learning how to step up, jump and land safely, squats, burpees and all the fun workouts. Parent accompanied. 

Indoor Playground

Teach your kid how to work together with kids of their age. Apart from the basics of how to squat, press something overhead, support for their body weight, we will show them how to through a light medicine ball, box jumps, bear crawl. 

Palm Massage

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There are so many paths you can choose to grow your and your kids' potential, start the journey by taking a tour through the UNDIVIDED facilities or start the hustle and join us by getting our class package for yourself and your kids!

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