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STACKED Low Back and Hip Mobility Workshop






About the Course

An introductory workshop to understanding lower body mechanics and learn drills that you can add to your trainAn introductory workshop to understanding lower body mechanics and learn drills that you can add to your training to prevent back pain and improve movement capacity. 

Some key take-aways:

1. Understanding the functional design of the human body 

We discuss the human body as a whole and zoom in to the lumbo-pelvic-hip complex to learn how mastering the joint positions and muscle connection in this region is the key to injury-prevention and performance enhancement. 

2. Improve your breathing 

Learn breathing drills that can unlock and change the way your lower body works  with the rest of your body.

3. Master key pelvic positions

When it comes to improving back pain and eliminating hip mobility restrictions, it is important to master neutral positions in the lower core to unlock multi-directional strength and control. This includes forward and backwards, side to side, rotation and hiking up and down. 4. Improve hip rotation Learn how to effectively move the pelvis and the femur (thigh bone) to develop more capacity in your lower body.5. Individualised feedback Learn about your individual weaknesses and find exercises that are most suited to you to support your joint health and improve performance.

Your Instructor

Shern Lim

"My treatment philosophy lies in helping my athletes learn to take better care of themselves by getting smarter about their bodies, which will ultimately support their long-term health and performance."

Shern is a physiotherapist with a keen interest in solving complex and persistent musculoskeletal pain problems. Her area of interest is in teaching people how to move better so that she can help improve the quality of lives of the everyday athlete.

She is also passionate and active in advocating for the physiotherapy profession in Singapore and have been served in EXCO and as a committee member in the Singapore Physiotherapy Association (SPA). She has been the co-chair of the Musculoskeletal and Sports Special Interest Group (MSKSIG) since its establishment in 2018 and is currently the sub-committee of the Education Committee in SPA.

She enjoys climbing and cycling in her free time and is currently pursuing her Masters in Sports Medicine.

Relevant Certifications:
- AHPC licensed Physiotherapist
- BSc Physiotherapy (Hons)
- Sports Integrated Dry Needling Level 1 & 2
- Human Foundations Practitioner, Functional Patterns
- Registered Yoga teacher (RYT-200)
- CrossFit L1 certified

Instagram: @shernstacks

Shern Lim
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