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Hello everyone,

Eva here!! Let me start by addressing the misconception that it’s dangerous to lift weights when you’re pregnant, and you will get “bulky”; it’s perfectly safe for pregnant mamas to lift weights with the right supervision, and as my coach likes to say “don’t flatter yourself, you don’t have the genes to get BIG, it takes hard work and training to get there.”


Trust me, I was lifting weights & squatting till the very day I gave birth! 

My Story

A little background intro to who I am. I’m a full time mother to my lovely son; Joshua. Who grew up at the gym since he was 3 months old! I would baby wear him as I coach, or let him crawl around, and eventually start walking and climbing about in the gym. I like to say I’m a full time mum, part time coach. It doesn’t mean I don’t prioritize my clients, if you know me, you’ll know that when I do something I go all in. The reason for saying I’m a part time coach is because I believe the first few years of Josh’s life is where we form the strongest attachment and I want to be there for him as much as I can. Hence I only coach during the hours when he’s in “school”. I coach because I love to be a pillar of support and strength for all the women and mothers out there. It’s not easy juggling the different hats we wear as women. 


I love CrossFit, and that’s where I get me time and my community. My husband and I are also great lovers of Mother Nature. Since we discovered sailing back in 2014, we’ve not looked back. From cruising sailing to eventually racing sailing and getting our own 30ft sailboat, it’s become a huge part of our lifestyle. Right about the same time we found sailing, we started diving, and eventually falling in love with freediving. The feeling of being one with the ocean is surreal, I liken it to underwater yoga because of the zen. 


I believe as a coach, I’ve got to walk the talk. I know how it feels like to workout when you’re pregnant, I know why it’s important to be fit post partum (so I can carry my son and run around with him and not get aches and pains). I understand the struggle women face with the “perils” of working out with weights. I get it, when mothers feels like they just don’t have enough time and struggle to juggle everything. I feel really strongly for women and mothers as we tend to place ourselves last. I’ve come to realize we need to look after ourselves first, before we can give to others. You can’t pour anything out from an empty glass.


That being said, I welcome everyone to join me on this fitness journey! See you at UNDVD

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