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Hey everyone!!

Nico here!! The coolest, friendliest some say strongest South African living in Singapore.

My Story

I have a colourful sporting background, which always had weightlifting and functional fitness as core principals to training. Naturally, I progressed into Crossfit and fell in love with the the fitness lifestyle and community. For the last 8 years I have been a part time coach and a sucker for any challenge or competition you can throw at me.


Mostly being outdoors, on the MTB, skateboards or hiking trails, I love Mother nature and connecting with her by walking barefoot especially on rainy days. Fitness plays a very important part in my life. Apart from the avoidance of chronic disease and a health lifestyle, it has also been the only place where I found a home and peace during my many moves around the world. It taught me to plan and structure, adapting and overcoming challenges, be determined and persistent and lastly patience. You cannot cheat your way around it, hard work pays off!

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