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Indonesian Chinese, Fitness, Yoga, Dance!

What about you?

My Story

As someone who has been dancing for most parts of my life, I am often in awe of how the human body is able to move the way it does. Body movements speak to me in many ways and it is through dance that I am able to release emotions. I truly enjoy how people can connect with one another simply through movements even within a small space. 


I am a super firm believer in the importance of developing one’s personal well-being both physically and mentally. And in order to do that for myself and others, I had myself certified in both Personal Trainer (ACE) and Yoga (RYT 200h). 


If you ask me, the most important aspect when it comes to any form of training is to remind ourselves on why we started the journey in the first place. I truly believe that as long as we keep these reasons, purposes or motivations close to our hearts, giving up would not be an easy option!


Here at UNDVD, a community awaits. A community that encourages and supports one another no matter what stage of fitness you are in. After all, fitness is more often a journey than a race to the finish line! So, I guess I’ll see you soon then!

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