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I can’t wait to be the old auntie in the gym that’s still crushing all the red plates on the bar. Here for a good time AND a long time!

My Story

I have been an athlete all my life - starting with swimming and tae kwon do, moving into basketball, badminton and volleyball during my school years, and then finding CrossFit and powerlifting in college. I still compete in powerlifting now, representing Singapore in regional and international competitions.


While I love the competitive environment, my appreciation for movement and general fitness still takes precedence. The ability to move in different planes has allowed me to be resilient in different sports, and strength training in particular has kept my body in a well-oiled condition.

I was once that athlete that complained of knee pain and creaky shoulders (even at the age of 17!), but once I understood how to get stronger, all the pain went away and I have become a better athlete for it.


I believe every body belongs in the gym and I treat all my clients like athletes, regardless of whether you want to compete or you just want to enjoy a long life. Structured training programs, movement & technique, and nutrition are all the things I nerd out on. I believe that training can be a vehicle for personal growth, helping you develop a more positive relationship with your body and what it’s capable of.

Your time in the gym is precious, so let’s challenge your limits, get strong and take up space!

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